About Me

Hello, there! My name is Rebekah Troche, and I am a 22-year-old wife to the wonderful Richard Troche and elementary teacher-to-be. We are living in a Christian Community in the heart of Chicago. I grew up living intentionally in ministry and I wouldn’t wish to live any other way! My husband and I hope to further our education and experience in order to serve God better by serving the least of these, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, the poor physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the rest of our lives. I hope you, dear reader, can relate to me through my humble stories and writings. I hope to inspire with my blog as I’ve been inspired by others! Whether in the challenges or in the festivities of life, I pray to always learn more about God and this world He created. You could call me a student of life, a student for life, or always student of Christ, all apply! Peace, joy, and love to you, dear reader. Signed, Bek

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