Recent Flix: Netflix Recommendations

On the other side of my post about Netflix being a life-sucker, I really do enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with popcorn and a good flick. And I don’t find this to be a bad thing every-so-often. I just don’t think it’s healthy as a way of life. Here are the recent shows/movies Rich and I have enjoyed the most lately. I think they’re all worth a try!

Movie: Chef

This drama/comedy follows the life of an middle-aged chef that’s losing his way. He’s trying to come back to what’s important in life with his family and cooking. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy. But it’s heart-warming too, and I would never put something that highlights the importance a good food, passion for life, and giving attention to your children in the “trash t.v.” category. It’s not a waste of time!

Show: Chef’s Table

Yes, we love food, ok?! This show is incredible! It’s beautifully filmed and the chefs chosen are some of the most talented in the world. It’s almost like a travel show, too, with many exotic locations. It gets you dreaming, but it also gets you thinking about what you eat and why you eat it. And where you buy it. It all matters and your life speaks every time you eat.

Movie: Werewolf

I have always enjoyed International films. I think it’s an enriching experience to read subtitles and hear another language. It’s a great way to learn about another culture. Rich and I were surprised by how much we enjoyed this Korean Drama. We both enjoy a good vampire/werewolf movie, but this was more well-done and heart-wrenching then we assumed it would be. I’m so glad we watched it on a whim. Very long, though, so be ready to sit for a while. And laugh some. And cry some.

Movie: Terese

This incredible period-piece French film had me crying my eyes out. So emotional, so many questions come up. You ask yourself, what would I do in that time, that situation? The setting and costuming are to die for. You’ll be envious of Terese’s perfect dresses, and confused about her relationship with her best friend as it changes throughout the film. There is so much I couldn’t catch because I don’t know French, but you understand enough to get by with the subtitles.

Anyways, I’ll post more reviews as we watch. It can be such a nice way to debrief after a long day with the babe…


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