On Graduating

It feels strange. In exactly one week I will graduate from Northeastern Illinois University and begin the next season.

I already started assistant teaching at a private school and am in love with the job. I’m completely in the honeymoon faze, enjoying each child and his/her gifts/struggles. I love learning in a new way. It’s actually enjoyable, unlike analyzing texts for a lecture or studying for an exam. This new joy is so necessary right now. I’ve been feeling a little lost this last semester, wondering what all this work was for, and now I feel like I see a bit clearer. I have a vision for how I hope this next year will go and I’m ecstatic to begin the journey!

Hope all of you out there struggling to finish your degree will take my advice: STRUGGLE, the struggle is real but you are not alone. Many have gone before you and many will go through the same things after you. You are not alone. You have friends, colleagues, family, hopefully they surround you physically but if not it’s in spirit. They support you, they love you. STRIVE for your best. Even when you think you can’t do it. You can’t study for one more midterm, you are so ready to quit, you hate everything about school. Still do your best. Act like it’s your last time and FINISH STRONG. REMEMBER, you can do it. IMAGINE how good it will feel when it’s all over and you’ve done all you could do. And it was beautiful. Think about the best days in the last semester or year. How can you have another day like that? Can it keep you going through the tough times?

I know you can do it. I know anyone can do it, because I did. And I never really thought I would or could.

Until next time. I really do have a post coming soon about how I am graduating debt free. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I’ll tell you how it worked for me.



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