Working on Something Else While in Class

Is this always rude? I used to think so. Now, here I sit, typing a blog post while I’m in the midst of a biology lecture.

I feel, as a graduating Senior, maybe I earned this. I read the chapter in our book, I answered our online discussion questions, I raise my hand when I hear no one else answering the professor. Therefore, I’m not completely ignoring him. I have another tab open taking notes. I’m not distracting myself with something completely passive, like Facebook. I think it’s fine to not pay full attention.

On a completely separate note (or, what I really feel like writing about), today I’ve been thinking a lot about originality. Does it exist? I listened to NPR’s TED radio hour all about originality and how “there is nothing new under the sun” (a Biblical truth, you Bible-readers are well aware). Varying degree of opinions persist on borrowing, stealing, and plagiarism. Where is the line? Where do we draw it?

In the end of the discussion, Guy Raz asks the final guest, “so what is the line?” and they discuss the resolution: As long as we give credit to those who we are borrowing/stealing from, and don’t lie to others and ourselves, thinking our idea/creativity is original, then we are being ethical. At least, I believe this. I think it’s great to be influenced by your idols. I also think you need to acknowledge that influence. There’s my two cents.

What do you think? Write, comment, let me know.

I’ll be updating the blog soon, as I go through steps to graduation. I want to share my experience in a state university and how I will graduate with my four-year degree completely and shockingly debt-free. It’s not possible for everyone, but I’ll share my success strategies nonetheless. Until then, take care my few little readers 😉


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