This summer has been so full! So full and busy, which is pretty normal. That means I haven’t had much time to write. Especially because I was in some summer classes. In one class, on Creative Writing, I learned the write daily, so that has become a struggle to practice since then. I need 20-30 mins a day to get something down. For a while, I was writing every morning when I first woke up, but now my ritual is changing to afternoon. I’ve dropped days, skipped around, went on an amazing (but HOT) vacation to Texas in August on which I didn’t write at all. Enjoyed some relaxation and a lot of AC and BBQ.

All in all this summer has been fantastic. I’ve learned so much. Read three books for fun, I was elected Secretary of my honors society (woot! woot!) and now have extra responsibilities in a communication office advertising for Everybody’s Coffee that my husband co-manages in Uptown Chicago. So, on top of a new marriage (almost coming up on the big one year! It’s been AMAZING) and still being full time on my senior year, the home stretch, in school, I’m working and writing all I can. There isn’t much spare time, but it’s ok for now. I know I can’t always live at this fast pace, but it’s enjoyable and a blessing for today.

Thanks for reading. I hope to post more often as time goes on, but hope doesn’t mean will. I desire to be more of a writer than I am, and I’m working towards it. Be blessed and enjoy this fall weather that has prematurely caught me in it’s winds. I LOVE it! Autumn means spicy teas, chai, pumpkin lattes, reading on my window seat with piping hot drinks in hand. It means tights, leggings, boots, and jackets. It means gorgeous walks by the lake with my hubby, running with leaves falling, and many great events to attend in the coffee shop and venues all over Chicago! It means the Chicago Humanities Festival, and it means my Anniversary! All that to say, enjoy this fall season as much as I will!


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